Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Carpe Diem, or whatever

I just realized that Blogger has been messing with me. My most recent posts and all but the title of my last - but - one post seem to have vanished into nothingness.

I originally posted this poem by Ernie Morrison, obtained via, on a morose Tuesday morning when I was in a funk and the end of the week was nowhere in sight. Now, even though the feeling has passed, the poem's too funny (juvenile, yes, but funny nevertheless) to ignore. Take THAT, Oprah!

Cärpe Diem

Believe in yourself, my friend,
There is nothing you can't do,
That is, until the Dark One rises,
and tears your soul in two.

Make the most of today, because tomorrow,
You will burn with the mark of the Beast,
Prepare your head for the Qrown of Thornz,
Inherit death like the rest of the meek.

It's time for Cärpe Diem,
Get lots of stuff done real fast,
Satan: you can't flee Him,
Seize the day, because today will be your last.

Suffer. [repeat X 36]

For more of the same, go here.

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